Man Frustrated with Lack of Improvement in Brownsville Road

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BROWNSVILLE - Back in August, city officials said something would be done about a traffic mess on Dana Avenue. As of today though, one Brownsville man said he's fed up with the little improvement he's seeing.

Picture a two-lane street with no sidewalks, two schools and a 10-foot ditch sitting right across from the schools. The image resembles Dana Avenue in Brownsville.

"There has been nothing done. There's a danger of people getting hit and falling into a 10-foot ditch" said Eddie Padron, who's lived on the corner of Dana Avenue and FM 802 for 20 years. He said he's always seen problems with the road before, but because a new school recently opened up, the problems have gotten worse and more dangerous.

In August, Brownsville Traffic Director Robert Esparza promised improvements on the road. Some of the improvements included dome posts in front of the ditch to combat the threat of a car falling in.

So when CHANNEL 5 NEWS heard about no improvements being made so far we went back for answers. It turned out there were things being done. Elements such as weather, a lack of manpower and other projects have just gotten in the way.

"My main concern is to relieve that back up traffic and relieve the pressure on Dana and 802, but I also have a concern there so that has to be looked at too. And the work is scheduled, the only thing is I only have so many people I can work with, you know," said Esparza. 

He recognized the first step to solving the problem is to improve the traffic backup on the road.

"I have the plans here in front of me on the right turn lane in the corner of 802 and Dana to relieve the traffic pressure from the schools, and the design is already completed, we just have to go back and do some surveys and finish up the design that's going to be coming up pretty soon," he said.

While Pardon just wants his voice to be heard, Esparza said improvements to the road will be coming soon.

The newly built school is The Harmony School of Innovation. They said they have improved the pickup and drop-off traffic. They also warn parents to not pick up their children outside of the school grounds and give tips to parents and students on walking to school safely. 


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