Man Repairs Home to Prepare for Future Storms

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MCALLEN – Some people in McAllen are still repairing damage done by a major hail storm five years ago.

Leo Guillen said he remembers the day of the storm all too well. He said hail the size of baseballs ravaged his home

“It broke all my windows that face the north side and it caused damage to my roof,” he said.

Guillen said the storm was especially tough on his bank account. Unlike many of his neighbors, Guillen and his wife didn’t have home insurance.

He said it took him several years to fix the flood and roof damage along with other issues.

“The windows I replaced myself because that was urgent and I did that with my money,” he said.

Guillen said the storm taught him a big lesson – always be prepared.

He’s recently bought material to better protect his roof just in case a major storm rolls in again.

“I’m placing the sheets of metal on the roof. I have almost everything I need. And if next time something similar happens, I won’t have to worry. I don’t want another similar problem,” Guillen said.

He said his new roof should be completed in two weeks. 


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