Man shot and arrested after police chase in Harlingen

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A man was shot and taken to the hospital after leading police on a chase through Harlingen on Tuesday. 

According to the Harlingen Police Department, they were investigating an aggravated assault case and found a vehicle that matched the description near the Lowe’s parking lot on Ed Carey and S. Expressway 83 in Harlingen. When officers approached the vehicle, the suspect hit a police unit and drove off. 

Officers chased the suspect to Louisiana Street in Harlingen where he got off his vehicle and started running from them. He then jumped into another vehicle — which he stole —and fled from the officers again. 

Harlingen Police Commander David Osborne said the suspect hit two police units in the stolen car. 

Shots were fired by the Harlingen Police Department and the suspect was hit. 

The suspect proceeded to leave his vehicle and run away from officers again. 

Officers caught him near Pittman and Findley Drive in Harlingen where the suspect was transferred to Valley Baptist Medical Center. 

According to the Harlingen Police Department, the suspect was arrested and faces several felonies. 

Osborne said one police officer had been taken to the hospital. 

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