Man Trying to Complete Massage Therapy Program

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WESLACO – Coursework started years ago cannot be completed by a former student at Valley Grande Insitute. 

Esteban Mendez started a massage therapy program in 2009, completing coursework and moving on to an internship. 

He said he fell ill during the internship and was hospitalized. After his recovery, he contacted the college to find out what to do next.

"Tried calling them, I'd say for two or three years,” he said.

Mendez said the calls did not yield results. 

CHANNEL 5 NEWS contacted Valley Grande Institute. The school could not contact the cases of individual students, but welcomes them to return, according to school director Mari Aviles.

She said in this case, the massage therapy program no longer exists.

Aviles said options for a student in this situation are to enroll in another program at Valley Grande Institute or transfer to a school that would accept transfer credits.


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