Man Upset With Weedy Lot Next Door

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WESLACO – Tall grass and animals lurking in the brush has a Weslaco man worried about his safety and health. He said his attempts to get the area cleared are being ignored.

Refugio Galvan said rats, opossums and snakes from a nearby canal are going inside and around his home.

Galva is retired and wheelchair bound.

“I don’t get out of the house very often. Every now and then I come out here in the parking lot or something,” he said.

He is afraid of what could happen if an animal, such as a snake, got close to him.

“Well it’s kind of hard to get away if they were to come up,” he said.

The Lansing, Michigan native is upset that the grass by the canal is growing tall. He said it’s the reason why these animals have been roaming in and out of his home.

“They’ll roam all over. But there’s more when the grass is growing high. The front door was left open a little while and was in the living room. We looked down and there was a snake crawling right through the living room,” Galvan recalled.

He said he contacted Irrigation District 9 several times to see when they would come and cut the grass.

He said they last came in July.

“We keep calling them and they keep giving us the run around and I called them one time and they got so upset that they started cussing at me,” Galvan said.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS reached out to Irrigation District 9. We spoke to maintenance supervisor Chicho Ledesma about Galvan’s issue.

“We’re going to be there, but we have to cut another canal’s by Edcouch and La Villa. Maybe going to be in a month more or less,” he explained.

Galvan would like the grass cut as soon as possible.

Ledesma said that they cut grass around the canals four times a year. He added they’re busy all year around.

We will keep tracking the tall grass by Galvan’s home is taken care of.


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