Man Worries for Family's Safety after Home, Car Keys Stolen

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OLMITO - A Rio Grande Valley man is asking for more surveillance in his neighborhood after his home keys, car keys and his wife's Social Security card were stolen from their vehicles in front of their home in late June.

"He took like $500 in cash, a cellphone, my wife's Social Security number," said Browsnville resident Israel Conde. "Keys to our whole house, the Jeep's keys and also my Mercedes' keys."

Conde said the items carry a value of almost $2,000 in total. He's worried the person in the video could return for more.

In neighborhood surveillance footage obtained by CHANNEL 5 NEWS, the suspect is seen turning on Conde's car. He went door-to-door looking for loose items in open cars.

“If you leave your door open, they can just pretty much take your car.” said Jose Trevino, Brownsville Police Department spokesperson.

"I feel like we need more surveillance here. The police should come and patrol," said Conde. "I've been living here for about eight years and I don't see the police very often. They don't come during the day or at night, only if you call them. But they don't come during the night. We need more surveillance and more security."

Brownsville police said Conde should expect more patrol cars in the area after an incident like this.

"In any burglary, we put what we call a 'patrol by,'" Trevino said. "Obviously to prevent further instances or further offenses."

"We want our neighbors to pay attention," Conde said, "especially in the Olmito area. They need to be careful. This happened to me and could also happen to them. Economically, it's very hard when people steal from you, from what you've worked really hard to get. They need to be careful, all our neighbors."

Conde plans to leave his vehicles in his garage at night from now on. Brownsville police want to remind the public not to leave valet keys in their cars, whether they're unlocked or not.

Trevino added it's important for people to keep serial numbers and receipts of valuables in case they are stolen. He said the most important thing people can do is call the police immediately after an incident. The sooner they contact the authorities, the better chance they'll have of being reunited with the items.

Anyone with tips on the case is asked to call Brownsville Crime Stoppers at (956) 546-8477. 


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