Mario’s Crossfit Mission

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MISSION – Mario Marquez III is on a mission, whether it’s running or pumping iron. The 14-year old loves testing his physical limits through Crossfit training.

“I liked it because I went to a competition one day and I just thought it would look cool,” said Marquez. “I just started training and it became a hobby.”

Marquez is trained by his dad Mario Marquez, Jr.

Crossfit athletes perform a variety of exercises ranging from cardio to traditional weightlifting to other unusual events that require some serious strength.

“You got to be a little bit crazy to like this kind of sport because it’s very demanding,” said the elder Marquez. “Very tough on your eating. Very tough on everything, but it makes you a complete athlete. You could run, you could jump, you could swim.”

Marquez is gearing up to compete in the teenage division of the Crossfit Games, an event that brings athletes from around the world together.

Only the top 20 athletes in Marquez’s division qualified.

“It’s a big accomplishment for me because I’ve been training for this for a while,” said Marquez. “Most people dream of making it to the Crossfit Games and I’m actually going. I’m excited to go.”

The Crossfit Games will be held in Madison, Wisconsin in early August.


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