McAllen Doctor Returns from Earthquake Impacted Areas

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MCALLEN – Last week, CHANNEL 5 NEWS reported about how Dr. Javier Ramirez-Lavin was getting ready to head to Mexico City to deliver medical supplies.

With the doctor back in the valley, he tells us what it was like over there.

"A house alarm or a car alarm goes off and everyone is immediately on an alert because they think the alarm is for an earthquake," said Dr. Ramirez-Lavin.

Dr. Ramirez-Lavin wanted to help the city where he was born and raised.

"I saw some of the victims. They have fractures. They have burns and they were being treated properly very adequately, but there's a lot of them," said Dr. Ramirez-Lavin.

The area is still heavily scared from the devastating earthquake.

"Buildings were cracked, some of them basically tumbling down," said Dr. Ramirez-Lavin as he recalled what he saw.

Dr. Ramirez-Lavin took medical supplies with him.

"They were really short on gloves, gowns, catheters a bunch of equipment," said Dr. Ramirez-Lavin.

During his time there, he stayed with his family in the city.

"They are all shaken by this because it's something that we know is it's going to happen every so often but we don't know when it catches you by surprise," said Dr. Ramirez-Lavin.

The dangers were far from over. While staying with family in the city, the aftershock struck the nearby state of Oaxaca.

"The alarm went off, my daughter that went with me and my son in-law they heard it and obviously everybody panicked," said Dr. Ramirez-Lavin.

Despite the devastation in the area, Dr. Ramirez-Lavin says spirits are high.

Dr. Ramirez-Lavin said he plans to send more supplies to the area in the near future.


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