McAllen Offers Ticket Amnesty Program

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McAllen---McAllen Municipal Court is now offering a Failure to Appear Amnesty Program.

The program allows anyone who missed a court date for traffic or city violations to avoid additional fines.

Anyone interested in this program has until November 3rd.

The program waives the Failure to Appear charge for anyone who comes in voluntarily to make arrangements to pay their tickets.

"Offering the Failure to Appear Amnesty is a great way to help bring in individuals who, for whatever reason, did not show up on their appointed court date and are now possibly living in fear of being arrested," said Judge Kathleen Henley.

The program will not waive fees for anyone who has entered a plea on Failure to Appear or an officer is actively searching for the person.

To receive amnesty, The McAllen Municipal Court will be open from 7:30 a.m. And 5:30 p.m on 1601 North Bicentennial.


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