McAllen Woman's Son Survives Deadly Shooting in Las Vegas

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MCALLEN – A McAllen woman recounted the agonizing hours she endured after learning one of her sons was at the deadly Las Vegas shooting.

Anita Ratcliff said she received a text message from her son saying he was caught in the middle of gunfire.

The message read: “Active shooter in Las Vegas. We are hiding in a maintenance room and safe. Just want to let you know that we're okay.”

Ratcliff said her son, Michael, made the trip to Las Vegas for his 30th birthday celebration. He left home on Saturday and was scheduled to return to Austin on Tuesday. 

After reading the initial message, Ratcliff said her immediate reaction was to call her son. His response was a text message letting her know he couldn’t talk because he was “hiding in a casino across the street from the shooter."

Ratcliff spent hours without hearing from Michael. She watched the news unfold on T.V. and updated her son on what was happening outside.

The mother of three was able to contact her youngest one around 6 a.m. when he returned safely to his hotel.

She said he detailed the initial moments of panic and people running, yelling, crying and the gunfire that didn’t seem to cease.

Ratcliff said it was the power of prayer that kept her stable while watching the death toll rise. She said it was the one thing she could rely on to keep him safe.

The mother added she will continue praying for the families that won't get the chance to see their loved ones again.


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