McAllen Woman Wants Faulty Air Conditioning Unit Gone

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MCALLE N - A Hidalgo County woman who struggled to get her air conditioner fixed wants it off her hands.

McAllen resident Preciosa Bongat said the air conditioner she bought almost two years ago has given her problems since she bought it.

After owning the unit for a few months and a few service calls, Bongat said it was clear that the machine wasn’t working.

“On its ninth month, the air conditioning unit just went totally dead,” she said.

Bongat said the company she bought the unit from told her the control board was not working. She said she wanted to get it fixed and running so her home would be cooled during the hot months.

However, she said the man servicing her air conditioner was not going to be able to fix it fast enough.

“He said that it is defective so he has to buy the parts, find the warranty and availability, and it will take days,” she said.

The McAllen resident said she decided to buy an AC unit from another company. She said she stopped making payments to the bank that was financing the broken unit.

Bognat is requesting the company she bought the original AC unit from to take it back.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS reached out to the air conditioning company owner, Luis Hess, for answers.

“The unit is not ours. The unit is financed, but it belongs to her and Wells Fargo,” he said.

Hess said he would have looked into replacing the air conditioning unit. He said he just needed time to order the replacement part it needed.

“If the customer is having equipment failures to where we can consider a lemon, like it had failed two, three times, then we get the factory and we say, ‘You know what, we might have a lemon here and maybe it’s time to replace it,” he said.

Hess said the company did end up replacing the faulty part free of charge. He said he will work to help Bognat sell the AC unit.

Bognat said the amount will help pay the remaining balance owed to Hess. 


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