McAllen family who lost everything in fire now is battling a cancer diagnosis

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A McAllen family who lost their home during Hurricane Hanna is now battling another tragedy —a cancer diagnosis. 

When Hurricane Hanna hit the Rio Grande Valley the Macias family's home was burned down from what they believe was a light post that fell on a tree which ignited the fire.

After six months of trying to get back on their feet, Home Owner Jean Macias found out her mother had been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer.

"It's called parotid mass on the gland it's coming from my breast all the way to my neck," Macias' mother Susana Salinas said. "It's been hard because some days I just can't go, I can't get up I'm very weak get into depression and really don't want to talk to anyone."

What has been keeping them going is the ongoing support from the RGV community, family members and their church. 

"Can we get a break, like when is it just going to get better when can we start healing it's just one thing after another," Macias said. 

This Friday, United Way South Texas is expected to make an announcement in regards to helping the Macias family through this holiday season.

To help them:

Call United Way South Texas at (956) 686 6331.

To donate visit their GoFundMe page Saving Susie .



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