McAllen ISD receives new audiology booth designed for deaf, hard of hearing students

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A new audiology booth is providing upgraded technology to help students who are deaf and hard of hearing in the Valley.

The Regional Day School Program for the Deaf is a program at the McAllen independent School District that serves more than 300 students who are deaf or hard of hearing from 25 school districts across the Valley.

The district received their old audiology booth more than 30 years ago.

Program director Lisa Lara said the booth was overdue for an upgrade.

“This booth here is top of the line,” Lara said. “I feel very comfortable, and I know that our students going in there are not going to feel that anxiety, and they're going to remain calm, and so we can get the most accurate results."

The booth cost around $320,000 and was partially paid for with federal funding.

“If they do have some hearing, and we're making sure they're wearing the proper equipment, then we can ensure that they are receiving access to education,” Lara said.


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