McAllen leaders celebrate completion of road, drainage improvement project

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On Thursday, McAllen city leaders came together to celebrate the completion of a road and drainage improvement project.

McAllen City Commissioner Tania Ramirez said the improvements would add mobility to the city; it’s one of the last projects for the city’s 2013 Roadway Bond Project.

The newly constructed area connects Ware Road to Bentsen Road, allowing residents to take routes other than north and south within the city.

McAllen Mayor Jim Darling said the new project is only one way the city is adapting to the growing population.

“Last year, I think we had 531 housing starts and about 400 multi-family starts,” Darling said. “The city is grounding and we need traffic control and traffic flow.”

City officials said the $1.5M project is just the beginning; the new roadway consists of two lanes, a sidewalk, a bicycle lane, and a stormwater management system.

Commissioner Ramirez said while traffic from construction is frustrating for residents, it's necessary.

“We’re a growing region,” Ramirez said. “It’s very important that we actually have the infrastructure that’s adequate to our population.”


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