McAllen political protest turns violent

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With election season in full swing, political protests in McAllen have been everything but peaceful. 

Luz Cruz, a protest attendee said not only have people been getting hurt at these protests, but protesters have been seen bringing guns on three separate occasions. 

"Last week it was an AR, a rifle and it was a handgun," Cruz said. 

Cruz adds that all three times the guns had been shown while they were inside a vehicle driving by. 

In a video sent to Channel 5 News, car alarms can be heard going off as people are running toward each other to argue — some with masks and many without. 

"People who are very into politics and really stand with their ideology — they believe in it and they get mad when other people don't see the way they see things," Cruz said. "it is frightening and it's frightening for the future of our country." 

Cruz said police have been called, but little to nothing has been done. 

According to the McAllen Police Department, there have been two reported incidents during these types of protests. One was an auto-pedestrian accident and the other was a simple assault.

The department said neither person was seriously injured and declined to comment on whether they were going to be present this weekend at the protests. 

Watch the video for the full story. 


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