Meals on Wheels Service Ends in San Benito

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SAN BENITO – A program created to help feed senior citizens in San Benito has ended.

Meals on Wheels served their last meals at the San Benito Housing Authority on Friday due to a dispute with the city.

A non-profit organization, Amigos del Valle, provides the Meals on Wheels program to the entire Rio Grande Valley.

The organization was on a yearly agreement with the housing authority since 2015 to serve food there on the weekdays to at least 30 people per day.

KRGV’s Sierra Pizarro spoke with the executive director of the program to learn more.  

“We don't mind paying rent, as long as it's a reasonable amount,” says executive director Alex Guerra.

Now that the meal service has discontinued, seniors will have to travel to the next city over to receive a free meal.

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