Mercedes Field Worker Says Sugar Cane Harvest Delayed Due to Rain

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UPDATE (10/29): Sugar cane field workers are back on the job following a temporary layoff. 

The recent rain made the grounds too soft for farm machinery. About 300 workers were affected. 

Dale Kerstetter of the Rio Grande Valley Sugar Mill says the workers were back to work as of Sunday.  


MERCEDES – A Mercedes field worker says he’s been unable to work with all the recent rain.  

He explains sugar cane cannot be harvested at the moment.

"For now, everything's stopped – the machinery and everybody in the field," says Everardo Rodriguez. "We've had problems because of the mud and it's just impossible to work. We're hoping for the rain to stop."

KRGV’s Frank McCaffrey reached out to Dale Kerstetter, spokesperson at the Rio Grande Valley Sugar Mill in Santa Rosa.

He says 300 workers have been on temporary layoff since last Friday.

Kerstetter explains the rain delay will not hurt the crop and the harvest will finish up on time in spring.

Watch the video above for the full story. 


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