Mercedes resident concerned about flooding in neighborhood

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Heavy rains are expected to continue across the Valley on Wednesday, causing concern for residents in flood-prone areas.

Mercedes resident Brenda Vazquez’s street, Pedro Martinez off FM 491, was completely submerged in water on Tuesday, trapping her in her home.

The floodwater on her street was so high, Channel 5 News crews were unable to reach her.


The single mother says every time it pours, her anxiety increases due to possible flooding.

As forecasters say, more rain is expected on Wednesday and Thursday, causing more concern for Valley families everywhere, especially in high flood areas like Mercedes.

Director of Patient Transporting Services of The South Texas Emergency Care Foundation Rene Peres says if you’re trapped inside your home, there are some things you should keep in mind.

“Make sure [there are] no dangers, particularly anything with electrical,” he said. “Because the electricity, the electrocutions is typical what is going to get folks.”

Perez also says avoid walking in floodwater is possible, or you could risk contracting a bacterial infection.


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