Mercedes Residents Concerned About Construction

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MERCEDES--Some Mercedes residents are concerned about an on-going construction project in their neighborhood.
     Maria Olivares said she's worried emergency responders won't be able to get to her elderly mother because the road isn't driveable.
    "She uses a walker to get in and out of the vehicles, and it's very hard to cross her through the yard because she's not able to. I have to also pull her in a wheelchair. It makes it very very difficult," Olivares said. "There's a lot of people that are really...you're like a prisoner in your home right now."
     The project on West Liberty road has been going on for months. Mercedes City Manager Richard Garcia said he understands the concern Olivares and others have.
     "We apologize for the inconvenience," Garcia said. "Unfortunately, when you re-do a brand new road like that and we have inclement weather, it's a great inconvenience to the residents of that neighborhood."
     Garcia said the road is expected to be completed in the next four weeks.


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