Mercedes Storm Damage

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MERCEDES--A Mercedes family is back in their home after it took a massive hit following a wind storm a month ago.

While they are back, the family says their problems are far from over.

"The roof still needs fixing. It’s not finished. If you were to go inside you can see it's not finished, not all of it is covered. We put a tarp and plastic bags up because it looked like it was going to rain. We didn't want what we have to get wet," says Norma Vega.

With the help of the Red Cross, Norma Vega was able to put her home back on cinder-blocks, with money tight for Vega, she says they are slowly making repairs, "What I don't have is a bathroom. I have to buy everything to replace the bathroom and I don't have the materials or the money for them. The water hose is what we use to take showers," says Vega as she spent the day going through debris.

She says they are trying to salvage what they can, anything not usable they are setting aside to be thrown away.

Right now, they are patching up any holes still left in their roof. "Some of the wooden boards have been donated from a friend of my husbands," says Vega.

While they are back in their home Vega feels that every storm which passes through is a threat. She says she's not sure they will be able to take another big hit.

If you are dealing with damages from a natural disaster, there are local groups which can help.

 You'll need to contact the Red Cross there they will be able to set you up with long term recovery groups here in the valley, their number is 1-866-526-8300.


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