Mexican Gov't Setting Up Checkpoints in Tamaulipas

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REYNOSA – State and federal police now have checkpoints set up in and around Reynosa in an effort to catch criminals.

“These checkpoints in the city are going to be moving to different places,” Tamaulipas Governor Francisco Cabeza De Vaca said. “We're doing this to identify which vehicles are being used to commit crimes.”

Authorities at the checkpoints will make sure people driving a vehicle actually own the vehicle they are driving.

The governor said vehicles without license plates are a huge problem in the city. It makes it hard for authorities to target criminals.

“There are two reasons why those vehicles with no plates are here. One is to sell for parts and the other is because people use them to commit crimes,” he said.

Reynosa city officials wanted to stress that they won't be seizing vehicles from innocent citizens.

“The only purpose is to try to keep all citizens in Reynosa safe,” Reynosa mayor Maki Ortiz said.

Video of gun battles in and around Reynosa often show cars and trucks with Texas license plates. They are often stolen vehicles

That's one problem the checkpoints are meant to stop.

Authorities urge people who drive in Reynosa to make sure to have their driver’s license, insurance, and vehicle title with them to ensure they will not be held up for inspection.


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