Migrants being released with COVID-19 causes concern in La Joya

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The amount of migrants crossing the border illegally is bringing out new COVID concerns in the city of La Joya following a viral social media post from the city police department.

According to the post, officers with the La Joya Police Department went inside the Whataburger on Business 83 on Monday, where officers were informed of a migrant family in the restaurant disregarding other people’s health.

The family told the officer they had been released by Border Patrol because they were sick with COVID-19.

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On Tuesday, Hidalgo County Judge Richard Cortez released a statement saying that due to multiple reports of migrants being released with COVID, he's calling on federal immigration officials to stop releasing them into the community. 

Judge Cortez is also calling on Gov. Greg Abbott to restore the county's ability to implement safety measures - like masks mandates - to contain the surge of COVID-19 infections.


Our cameras were also rolling as agents processed hundreds of migrants near La Joya on Tuesday.

Cortez said he reached out to the Texas Department of Emergency Management. 


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