Mission cancer patient weds in hospital due to pandemic

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One Mission couple had their wedding in a hospital due to a cancer diagnosis and the pandemic. 

Amid the pandemic, Mission Resident Frank Reyes had plans to marry his fiancé in November, but the couple had some major setbacks. 

Reyes said he wanted to have a very big wedding, but when the pandemic happened and he found out he had cancer they weren’t allowed to share the event the way they wanted to. 

Employees at Mission Regional Medical Center planned the wedding for Reyes and his fiancé, Yolanda and made it happen within hours. 

Kathleen Avila, a Mission Regional Medical Center employee said we just had a few hours to plan it and it came out beautiful. 

“This is something that usually hospitals don’t do, we don’t prepare for, we’re not wedding planers, but Yoli — she’s one of our employees, and it was really important for us to provide that, and share that experience with her,” Avila said. 

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