Mission City Ordinance Extends Alcohol Sales Until 2 A.M.

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MISSION – Mission bars and restaurants will now have the option to serve alcohol later on into the morning.

Earlier this month, the Mission city council approved an amendment to an ordinance that will allow the sale of alcohol until 2 a.m.

Prior to the amendment, only a select few establishments in the city were licensed to sell alcohol until those hours. Other places were only allowed to serve drinks until midnight.

City of Mission Assistant Planning Director Jaime Acevedo said they could still impose certain restrictions on any business to ensure safety.

“One of the safeguards that the city council can impose when issuing a conditional use permit is that they can require additional security guards, they can require the training of bartenders and they can require additional parking lighting,” he said.

Acevedo said businesses that sell alcohol in Mission have to apply for the permit.

He added the city has not yet approved any applications.


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