Mission Homeowners Want Abandoned Golf Course to be Maintained

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MISSION – Homeowners want the owners of a golf course to clean their property.

Homeowners Mark Adams and Mike Crawford have lived next to the Mission West Golf Course for 15 years.

They claim that the golf course has overgrown grass, weeds, and a dirty pool, making the property a safety hazard.

"Now if you look at the golf course and even if you look on your way out, you see fire hydrants you can't even see because of the grass, weeds and not maintaining it," says Crawford. 

KRGV's Angelo Vargas spoke with the golf course co-owner Olaguer Bauza, who claimed he would like to make changes to the property in order to eventually sell it.

Bauza said he plans to rezone the front half of the course to create a residential area.

Bauza’s plan has been pitched to the city and is awaiting approval.

For more information watch the video above.


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