Mission Residents Concerned Lines Hanging Too Low

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MISSION - Some Mission residents are worried wires are hanging too close in their neighborhood; they are worried a vehicle could pull them all down.

We found out the people normally in charge of fixing the hanging wires are no longer in the area.

Noe Garza Bazan lives right next to the lines and says he doesn't know what's going on.

He knows his brother has to drive under the lowest-hanging section to pull off the road.

 "A larger vehicle, it'll hit it on the cap," says Garza.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS spoke to American Electric Power spokesperson Lee Jones.

He says the problem is they belong to an out-of-business telephone company.

AEP says it's now looking into its legal options to bring the wires down, since there's nobody else to do it.

Jones explains it's not exactly up to them to pull the old lines down.

He says they're tied to the AEP infrastructure, but they may even need approval from the Federal Communications Commission before they do anything.

For more information watch the video above.


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