Mission RV park dealing with major sewage issues

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Residents at the Twin Lakes RV Park in Mission have been experiencing sewage problems around their community and a foul smell that's been hard to live with. 

The sewage problems were due to a city water line breaking down during Hurricane Hanna. Since then, the RV park has been left with what looks like sludge around resident's trailers. 

Pamela Reed, a resident at Twin lakes RV Park in Mission said she's practically living in her own toilet. 

When Reed called the city of Mission for help they came and sprayed chemicals to kill bacteria and to mask the smell. However, this was three months ago and they haven't been back since. 

"The worst part about it, is the fact that I can't sleep in my bedroom because the smell is just so bad it makes you nauseated — it makes you vomit — it just makes you sick to your stomach," Reed said.

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