Mobile Home Owner Says Park Won't Let Her Relocate

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WESLACO – A Rio Grande Valley woman said the mobile home park she currently resides in is preventing her from moving her newly purchased home to another location.

Yolanda Calderon settled on the perfect fit in Magic Valley Park in Weslaco.

"One of the managers showed me five homes," Calderon said. "Out of the five homes, I picked one that I like."

The home was put up for sale by a seller in Canada. The two parties agreed to the sale for $7,000.

Calderon was excited to move her new home out of the park – until she spoke to the mobile home park's managers.

"They told me that I was not supposed to purchase the house, that I was supposed to let them have first right," said Calderon. "And I said, well, nobody told me that.”

The Magic Valley Park lease agreement carries a clause known as a right of first refusal. It essentially gives the mobile home park the right to place the first bid on the home.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS reached out to the mobile home's seller. They told us they offered the mobile home park a chance to buy the property and they refused.

When Calderon attempted to move the home earlier this week, she said the park blocked the house with a dump truck.

"And there was a big truck, full of trash in front of my mobile home," said Calderon.

Calderon told CHANNEL 5 NEWS the same scenario unfolded Thursday when park management tried to tow her car that was parked in front of her home and replace it with the dump truck.

She claims law enforcement was called to the scene.

"And they told the police there was a car that didn't belong there," said Calderon. "And that's not true because that was my house and my car."

Calderon claims officers told her and management moving the home is within her legal rights after she presented a bill of sale.

"And he told them that they could not stop me from moving the home out," said Calderon.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS went to the Magic Valley Park office for answers.

They referred us to their executive director, Carolynne Fuller, who was out of the office.

Fuller told CHANNEL 5 NEWS she would be unable to comment on the situation.

Calderon called the movers back to her house Thursday afternoon. They say they can move the home by Friday morning.


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