More Arrests Made in Connection to Voter Fraud Investigation

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EDINBURG – Nine more people have been arrested and face charges of voter fraud in connection to the 2017 Edinburg city election.

The total number of people arrested due to this incident is now 14.

The attorney general’s office is leading the investigation and is calling this an “organized illegal voting scheme”.  

Brenda Rodriguez, Belinda Rodriguez, Araceli Gutierrez, Rosendo Rodriguez and Jerry Gonzalez Jr. were charged with illegal voting – four others are awaiting arraignment.

The five that were charged allegedly changed their address prior to the election.

Edinburg Mayor Richard Molina released this statement:  

“When someone provides information to me, I can only take that information as the truth. You are specifically asking about Brenda Rodriquez. The address she provided me was documented on my campaign report. When someone gives an address,  there is no law requiring that the address is physically  inspected to see if a person lives  there. It would be impossible. I did make a video explaining this as a one-sided investigation up to now. I respect law enforcement officers and hope that the truth is exposed. As far as Brenda,  she is innocent until proven otherwise.”

KRGV’s Michael Scott explains the criminal complaint that led to these arrests.

Watch the video above for the full story.


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