Mother, Daughter Celebrate Milestone Birthdays

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WESLACO – A Rio Grande Valley mother and daughter celebrated milestone birthdays with family and friends.

The occasion was to highlight Margarita Garcia, who turned 100 year old, and her daughter, Guillermina Navarro, who’s now 80.

Their relative showcased pictures of Guillermina and Margarita in their earlier years.

“She’s her caretaker. She’s her daughter. This is my suegra. She’s the one who had to be taking care of her mother,” said Guillermina’s daughter-in-law, Florinda Tamez. “She does a great job and whatever she needs, she is always there for her. She is the reason why abuelita is very happy.”

Many family members lined up to wish them more birthdays and to introduce the new generations.

“She’s a very, very nice mom to me. I love her very, very much. And I thank God every day for her,” said Guillermina.

 “I want to give thanks to all my friends, all my grandchildren, my great grandchildren…” said Margarita.

She thanked everyone for coming to her 100th birthday celebration and reminisced on her 50s as a farmworker.  

“I worked in the azadón. In the fields and all,” she recalled.

“Special happy birthday to my grandmother, Margarita Garcia and my aunt, Tia Hermina,” said one party attendee.

So, we asked Tamez what is their secret for a long life?

“She still likes menudo. She likes chicharrones. She liked taquitos, burritos. She likes everything. I actually think she is a lot healthier than we are,” she said.  

Happy birthday to both!


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