Mothers Against Drunk Driving reacts to fatal drunk driving arrest

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A woman accused of hitting two teens while driving drunk is now facing four charges.

Her record shows it's not her first time before the court.

She had three charges and two convictions for DWI in the last ten years. and according to DPS she was driving this weekend without a license when that crash happened.

Last Sunday two teens were hit by a car north of Alamo. One of them was killed.

The woman behind the wheel, 37-year-old Maricella Escobar, was accused of being under the influence when the crash happened around 10 pm.

Ana Verley is a victim services specialist with Mothers Against Drunk Driving, an organization that takes a role in educating drunk driving offenders.

They coordinate victim impact panels as part of drunk driving court diversion programs.

Escobar participated in that program for her third offense.

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