New Brownsville Bicycle Patrol Unit Designated to Downtown

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BROWNSVILLE – Shop owners in downtown Brownsville said petty crime happens every day. They’re hopeful a new bike police unit assigned to the area will help better protect their businesses.

Downtown merchants said it’s been years since they’ve noticed any police patrol designated to the area. Those that are experiencing daily thefts welcome their presence.

Six police officers and one supervising sergeant make up the Brownsville Downtown’s Bicycle Patrol Unit.

They’re easy to spot wearing bright yellow jerseys and cruising the streets on their bikes.

Police spokesman J.J. Trevino said many years ago several officers were assigned foot patrol in the area. But because of lack of manpower it was discontinued.

One merchant said just last week her personal iPad was stolen from a countertop, when a person ran in and grabbed it. She didn’t want to speak on camera but said the bike unit was there within minutes.

Daniel Hong said he deals with theft every day. He’s skeptical the increased police presence will deter all crime.

“It will be a deterrent for people to do crimes that are involved outside, as far as robbing cars, breaking into a car to steal something, but the issues we deal with is obviously stealing inside the store. I don’t see that as being a very big deterrent for people going into individual stores and stealing items,” Hong said.

However, Hong, the owner of Gigante, said he welcomes the police presence.

The merchants said they look forward to establishing relationships with the officers and get to know them a little bit better to bring out that confidence to call them anytime they need them.


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