New Cameron County data shows increase of coronavirus cases in children

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Valley children are wrapping up their first day back to school virtually, as new data in Cameron County shows an increase of COVID cases in school age children.

As cases begin to average between 250-350 per day, some positivity rates among age groups have begun to surge.

Cases in school age children have increased by 90% in the US over the last 4 weeks.

As of August 6, children represent 9.1 percent of cases nationwide.

That week in Cameron County the 0-19 age group made up more than 16% of the 816 average daily cases, nearly double the national average.

With a Hispanic population of 88 percent in Cameron County, Dr. Emily Prot says a new CDC study could explain a reason for the growth.

"There's several trains of thought but the authors did say that Hispanics are over represented in frontline, essential, and direct service occupations and maybe have decreased opportunity for social distancing," said Dr. Prot.

Those workers in direct contact with others are thought to bring the virus home, infecting their loved ones.

Dr. James Castillo, Cameron County health authority, says the county's data leading up to the August surge showed families to be a major source of infections.

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