New Machines to Replace Current Voting Method

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WESLACO – Voting machine glitches are now a thing of the past, according to the Hidalgo County Elections Office

Officials said 1,300 new machines were ordered to replace the county’s current voting method.

Hidalgo County Elections Administrator Yvonne Ramos said the new machines will affect everyone in the voting process.

In the past, she said people would key the wrong precinct or became confused with certain commands.

Ramon said an individual access code will be the new alternative to the precinct number. She added tallying the votes will be easier and votes will be tabulated more quickly.

“The reporting part of it is also great. The voter can have more independence. The ADA-compliant machine is also capable. It’s got Braille, it has the audio. A voter with disability can also find themselves more independently voting on a machine,” she said.

A local poll worker said the machines will not “leave very much room for errors.”

A pilot program will allow people to vote anywhere with the new access codes in the upcoming November election. 


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