New street lights placed in Hidalgo County neighborhood

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Residents are excited about brand new street lights in a Hidalgo County neighborhood.

The Owassa Acres subdivision is located southeast of Edinburg city limits, but minutes away from Donna North High School.

Residents are not able to take advantage of city resources.

"I do feel that, sometimes, we do get the rough end of the stick," said resident Soledad Contreras.

One struggle everyone at the Owassa Acres subdivision faces is an issue that’s not visible until nightfall.

"Before they would break into the houses,” Contreras said. “We've had a lot of that going on."

With assistance from nonprofit La Union del Pueblo Entero, members of the community were able to request street lights from the county. After some time, those lights came up last month.

Hidalgo County Precinct 4 Commissioner Ellie Torres says this is the fourth community to be lit up during her tenure.

"Having had this community come to full fruition of being caught up with what the new subdivisions have is really exciting, not only for ourselves, but for them," Torres said.

Even though it's just three lights, to residents like Soledad Contreras, the announcement means everything.

"And it's, like you said, three, but it does make a big difference," Contreras said. 

A small patch of light to a community that's now a little brighter.

Hidalgo County commissioners have approved six light projects within Precinct 4 for the upcoming year. The community's hope is that one day, they might also get a park.


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