New Tool to Alert Emergency Responders in the Valley

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WESLACO – Law enforcement agencies in the Rio Grande Valley now have a new tool to help bring an end to people who run from the law.

The new digital radio frequency system, known as P25, is an upgraded communication system intended to help federal, state and local departments.

It allocates a specific channel that alerts all police units and other first responders about a high-speed chase in the region.

“Those pursuit channels, all you have to do is program in your radio and press that one button,” says San Benito Police Chief Michael Galvan, “and once it’s locked in – if you’re ever involved on a kind of vehicle pursuit, you just press that one button and that allows the region to know that you are involved in a vehicle pursuit.”

He says the multi-channel system allows any local agency to communicate directly or simultaneously with all the law enforcement in the region and will lead to a fast and effective response to any emergency in our area.


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