New virus relief policies to protect firefighters not available at all Valley cities

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WESLACO - A new policy in Mission protects employees if they get infected with the coronavirus.

On Monday night, Mission city council asked the city manager to draft an administrative leave policy for any work-related COVID-19 incident that will cover all city employees, including first responders.

City officials say after employees exhaust their 80 hours of paid sick leave, then this new policy kicks in, not to exceed 30 days.

Michael Silva is on the Board for the Mission Firefighters Association. He says his city has taken the proper steps for safety and now the focus is on personal protective equipment.

However, it's not so celebratory in Weslaco. The Weslaco Firefighters Association call their city's COVID-19 response "troubling” and in a statement they say they are concerned about response and personal protective equipment.

In response, Weslaco Fire Chief Antonio Lopez tells us they are well equipped.

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