Nonprofit Group to Search for Missing Raymondville Woman

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RAYMONDVILLE – A nonprofit organization will be assisting police in the search of a missing Raymondville woman.

Nora Conde Villalobos, 49, was last seen by family members two weeks ago.

A group known as Texas Equusearch is set to start looking for her with the help of local authorities.  

The group's founder, Tim Miller, said his 16-year-old daughter, Laura, went missing from League City, Texas. She was found dead almost two years later in 1986.

Miller said he remembers what it felt like the 17 months he spent waiting to hear about his daughter.

“When my phone would ring or somebody would pull over into my driveway, the heart palpitation and the helpless, hopeless lonely feeling. And, after Laura’s body was found, I kind of made a promise to God and Laura that I’d never leave a family alone,” he said.

Miller founded Texas Equusearch in 2000. The group helps law enforcement across the country find missing people. They have participated in more than 1,700 cases.

In some cases, the group uses horses to help locate missing persons.

“We’ve had way over 200 that were located. Unfortunately, or fortunately – however you want to look at it – deceased. At least the family had some closure,” he said.

Miller met with Raymondville police to discuss a plan to help find Villalobos. He said they’ll use ATVs in her case.

“We’re going to start over as though nothing has been done. And I think that we can really organize the people, bring in some resources and have them have some training that they haven’t had,” he said.

Raymondville Police Chief Uvaldo Zamora said he contacted Texas Equusearch over the weekend to effectively take command of the search.

“They’re pretty much going to take the lead. It’s going to be their search and we’re just going to help them with whatever we can,” he said.

Zamora added the department is in need of volunteers to help with the search this weekend. Anyone interested in volunteering can call Raymondville police at 956-689-2441. 


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