North Alamo Subdivision Seeking Help with Drainage, Sewage

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ALAMO – A subdivision north of Alamo said Hidalgo County is neglecting them.

People living off of Apache Trail and Sioux roads said even the smallest amount of rain floods backs up their drainage system. They said it brings human waste up from their septic systems to their streets.

Resident Josefina Caballero said she’s lived in the neighborhood for years. She told CHANNEL 5 NEWS her husband’s legs were infected after he walked through sewage-contaminated flood waters in the past.

Caballero and her neighbors want the county to help them improve the drainage in their neighborhood and get sewage service.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS reached out to Hidalgo County to ask about sewage. They redirected us to the city of Alamo, who then put us in touch with North Alamo Water Supply Company.

NAWSC Waste Water Manager Augustine Gomez said it’s not an easy fix.

“It can be done, but it can’t be done overnight,” he said.

Gomez explained a mile and a half of piping, permits, equipment, man power and decommissioning septic tanks, combined with permission and help from local municipalities, TCEQ and TxDOT, would only be the beginning.

"It takes a lot of planning, a lot of local governments to get everything together and at the end of the day, the funds,” he said.

Gomez estimates the project would cost millions of dollars and take around five years of work. Something, he said, could be worth it to the neighboring colonias who are all currently without sewage.

"To me, the first thing we would do to get the ball rolling in any colonia, any subdivision is get together and contact your local government, your county or wherever you fall under,” he said.

Caballero said she and her neighbors have already contacted the county.

We reached out to the county to ask them about drainage. The drainage district said they’ve located the original contractor plans for the neighborhood that will hopefully help them identify if there is an issue with the drainage.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS expects to hear more from the county on Thursday about the last time the neighborhood reached out.


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