Officials Skip Out on Hidalgo City Council Meeting

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HIDALGO – A city council meeting in Hidalgo ended before it even began. The future of many city positions, including the mayor, was on the agenda.

The full house Monday night was quickly turned away when everyone who showed up was told the meeting would not be able to happen as a number of council members did not show up.

The council was supposed to discuss the future of several city positions.

Those on the agenda include the mayor, the mayor pro-tem, two councilmembers and a municipal judge. Their names were on the list for different reasons.

Mayor Martin Cepeda, Mayor Pro-Tem Noe Reyes, Councilmember Rodolfo Franz and Sergio Coronado are accused of violating the city’s charter in regards to purchasing procedures.

Coronado says the disagreement came from the appointment of a new judge last year.

Another topic supposed to be discussed was the possible termination of Municipal Judge Juan Pimentel; the council would not go into detail as to why.

Franz is also in the hot seat for excessive absences from meetings. He, Cepeda and Councilmember Oziel Trevino did not show up to Monday’s meeting.

Coronado tells CHANNEL 5 NEWS the city is having an issue of missing quorum lately.

“We’ll see what happens during our next meeting. If they don’t show up, then we will take legal action,” said Coronado.

He says their last city council meeting was cut short. Mid-way, some members chose to leave before the meeting was over.

The topics which were supposed to be discussed Monday night will be brought up again at the next city council meeting in two weeks.


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