Online Post Brings Together Volunteers to Clean Cemetery

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LA GRULLA – For decades a cemetery in La Grulla was forgotten and abandoned. But a posting on Facebook brought volunteers together to clean it up.

The cemetery is in the middle of a farm field, it was discovered by Jimmy Martinez and his friend.

“I called my friend, Benito Saenz, we have the La Grulla Facebook page. And then we came here and took pictures and the whole story just blew up. Very blessed, very awesome to see the community and everybody here working together,” Martinez said.

Carlos Lopez and his four brothers traveled to La Grulla from Weslaco.

“We have a great-grandfather who is buried here,” he said. “We thought we’d be part of the project because we heard about it through the media, on the website. And that’s what brought us here.”

Lopez was able to find the gravesite of his great-grandfather.

“I believe he died back in 1942,” he said.

Some of the headstones are so old; the names have almost been erased by time and the weather.

Guadalupe Lopez and his nephew were the first to start cleaning the cemetery.

“It used to be clean but people got tired and never got back to cleaning it and they got old,” he said.

“And we’ve got a lot of people from STC helping out. Border Patrol, National Guard, I believe they are from the Army,” Martinez said.

Some of the volunteers said it was inspiring to bring different people together for the same purpose – cleaning the cemetery.

“It was so brushy you had to almost crawl to get to the middle. And we thought maybe we should clean it up, to have people whose relatives are buried here, to give them an opportunity to come and pray or bring flowers,” Saenz said.

There were more than 80 volunteers that helped clean the graveyard. And it all started with that original posting online.

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