Organizations struggling to identify migrant remains

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A family in Nicaragua is hoping their loved one's remains will make it back home soon.

The family of Marvin Blandón say he died in September after crossing the border and was buried in an unmarked grave.

A funeral home in Eagle Pass says they found Blandón’s ID next to some human remains.

“We feel betrayed because we don't really know the full truth behind my brother's death,” Blandón’s sister — Maritza — said. 

According to Texas State Forensic Anthropologist Kate Spradley, 2022 has been a record year for migrant crossings and deaths. It’s making it harder to identify their remains, she said.

“This is very similar to what happened in Brooks County in 2012 when they got a surge of migrant deaths,” Spradley said. “Because of the way they're buried, we're not sure where they're buried."

Officials are trying to figure out if the human remains match found near Blandón’s ID are a match for him.


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