Out-of-State Disaster Group Lending the Valley a Helping Hand

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WESLACO – A disaster relief group from Oklahoma, suffering from their own disaster, is now lending the Rio Grande Valley a helping hand.

Last month, flash flooding in the state of Oklahoma caused multiple fatalities and all 77 counties were declared an emergency.

A group from Texas came to their aid; now that group, along with their Oklahoma counterparts, is in the Valley helping rebuild.

Southern Baptist Texas disaster relief supervisor, Mike Northen says the number of natural disasters this year have them stretched thin.

That's why the team from not only Oklahoma, but Alabama and Georgia, are in the Valley ready to help.

"Today we're cooking about 600 meals for lunch and supper for the Red Cross to serve to workers and shelters and whoever else they find who needs a hot meal," says Northen.

He says the disaster teams have partnered up like this for over 50 years working alongside emergency management wherever they are to gut homes, take out insulation, or fix roofs.

He says the teams will be here until there is no longer a need.

For more information about the help provided by the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief group visit their website. 

For more information watch the video above.


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