Overcrowd of Campaign Signs Violate Pharr Ordinance

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PHARR – Dozens of political signs were found to be in violation of the city of Pharr’s Code of Ordinances on Thursday. The signs were taken into custody by the city’s Code Compliance Department.

Pharr resident Kenneth Fletcher says he sees the overcrowding signs year after year.

“So many signs, it’s dangerous for the traffic and it's just a clutter; a mess,” he said.

When Fletcher moved to the city of Pharr over a decade ago, he started noticing the high volume of political signs during the election period.

After he filed a complaint, the city commission passed an ordinance in 2014.

City ordinance states no more than two political signs per candidate, each sign no more than nine square feet.

At one of the polling locations, out of 21 candidates, only three were in compliance. One candidate had a total of 25 signs.

“If I was a voter I would think about the person that was following the law and I would think about a candidate that can count more than two,” said Fletcher.

The code compliance coordinator for the city says signs need to be placed approximately 13 feet from the curb, otherwise, it's in the Texas Department of Transportation's right of way.

After CHANNEL 5 NEWS contacted the city, code compliance coordinator inspectors showed up at the polling site and removed the majority of the signs.

They said the signs taken were violating the ordinance.

All of the signs taken down will be held by the city for individual candidates to pick up.

Any candidates who were asked to remove their sign and failed to do so could face a citation of up to $200 per day.


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