Parents Concerned about School Safety

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WESLACO--Some schools in the valley have already opened their doors for the new school year.

Others are getting ready to soon.

We talked to parents today about their concerns for children's safety.

"I don't know why they can't wait to text," said Domingo Reyna.

Reyna has several girls in middle school.

His wife drives them to school because they worry about distracted drivers.

"She sees a lot of that too when she drives the kids to school," said Reyna.

Rick Galan is a father to three kids.

He said he drives his kids to school instead of letting his oldest take the bus.

He had this advice for anyone who lets their kids walk to school.

"Walk with them. See how the traffic's going to be because you never know. There are teenagers in high school. They got their license. They drive now," said Galan.

Galan said he sees one common thing when taking his kids to school, other parents on social media.

"Most of the time, they want to put everything on Facebook, first day of school. I think you can wait to do that later. You can post that later after you drop them off," said Galan.

Weslaco P.D has these safety tips for drivers:

-Don't allow yourself to be distracted by your cell phone and don't use it within a school zone or on school property.

-Don't load or unload children in the roadway.

Other drivers may not be expecting a child running to or from a vehicle.

Galan said he'll continue to give his kids safety tips.

"Walk on the sidewalk. Be careful when you walk in the street. Look both ways. I think you tell them everyday," said Galan.

He hopes others keep children's safety in mind while driving.

Weslaco P.D said cellphones are prohibited in school zones from 7 a-m to 8:30 a-m and 2:30-5 p-m.

You can be fined up to $200.


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