Parents Concerned Over Traffic at Student Crossings

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PHARR – A Pharr parent is concerned about traffic near a school crossing.

Manuel Pescador witnessed a crash inside the parking lot of Allen and William Arnold Elementary School in Pharr on Wednesday.

He says a student could have been hurt.

"I saw an ambulance, a fire truck, and a police car," says Pescador.

The school district described the crash as a fender bender.

Pescador says there is a problem.

 Some parents are willing to join the line that stretches around the southeast part of school, when picking up and dropping off students.

Other parents are turning into the north parking lot. The north parking lot gets a lot of student pedestrian foot traffic.

"Unfortunately they might have to walk through the cars," says Pescador.

Pescador says he spoke to the school's administration about the concern and followed up by email.

PSJA spokesperson Arianna Vasquez-Hernandez says the school works to mitigate traffic.

She adds the front parking lot is an acceptable pick-up and drop off point.  

She says the students are making use of the sidewalk which leads them around the parking lot traffic.

"If we don't take action on the problem, the problem is just going to get worse," says Pescador.

PSJA is reviewing "current procedures and supervision to facilitate the flow of traffic, and to ensure the safety of students and parents," says Vasquez-Hernandez in a statement.

Pescador hopes the traffic doesn't harm any of the kids.


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