Pets Kept Outside Should be Brought Indoors During Cold Weat

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WESLACO – Rio Grande Valley veterinarians say the cold temperatures can impact the health of pets outside.

Dr. Daniel Hinojosa recommends bringing your pets inside if you can.

If you’re unable to provide some shelter, such as a doghouse, Hinojosa says it’s the most important thing you can do.

He warns against allowing animals to take shelter in or around vehicles.

He says this is a dangerous time of year, especially for cats.

Many of them like to take shelter in a car’s engine, which could result in a serious injury to your pet.

“A good recommendation is to go in and try to make some noise, honk the horn. You know, try to make an effect to get that cat out,” said veterinarian Dr. Daniel Hinojosa.

Dr. Hinojosa said giving your animals plenty of food and water is essential to helping them stay healthy in the cold.

He also recommends laying down blankets, towels, straw or hay for outdoor animals to lie on.


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