Pharr announces new "Cite and Release" policy for marijuana

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The City of Pharr has released a new policy that allows officers the option to release someone who has been caught with a small amount of marijuana. 

"It's a new — what we call a Cite and Release Policy," Pharr Police Department Chief Andy Harvey said. "Basically what it does, it gives an officer an option in the field to cite and release someone with very low level of marijuana. In this case less than 2 ounces."

How it works is if the police officer decides to release you, you'll be arraigned within 14 days and charged with a Class B Misdemeanor. 

"Again this does not decriminalize marijuana," Harvey said. "I think it serves more as a dignified  way of policing and it's good for everybody." 

The Texas Legislature Enacted the Cite and Release Policy in 2007, but the City of Pharr is the first city in Hidalgo County to adopt it. 

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