Pharr City Leaders Seeking to Remove Trailers Used for Political Ads, Owner Unknown

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PHARR – City leaders in Pharr are tackling an issue, which some fear could be illegal, regarding political signs.

Two trailers which once carried the faces of political candidates now stand empty in an open lot off West Dicker Drive.   

“You can have advertising for an election, but seven days afterward, the trailers have to be gone along with the signs,” explains Pharr resident Kenneth Fletcher.

Pharr city code states that a trailer sign is any sign mounted on a vehicle normally licensed by the state as a trailer and used for advertising or promotional purposes.

KRGV’s Sierra Pizarro went to Pharr code enforcement looking for answers and found out the trailers are on the city’s radar.

Letters have been sent out to get them removed.

Watch the video above for the full story.


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