Pharr EMS crew reports increase in heat related calls

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The extreme heat is keeping local EMS crews busy.

Pharr EMS said they're averaging five to six calls a day for heat related illnesses.

A lot of the calls for help are from people who are outside in the triple digit heat, such as construction workers, firefighters, or those working in arenas, according to Pharr Operations Captain Chris Cisneros.

“The number one issue is they don't have a buddy system set up,” Cisneros said. “So a lot of times by the time somebody finds them, no one's checking upon them, they're already in extremes, sweating extremely. It's that point where they're dizzy, confused."

Those are all the first signs someone is suffering from a heat related illness.

With this heat expected to stick around for a while, health experts say it's important to take breaks indoors every 20 minutes, stay hydrated, and avoid alcohol because that can lead to dehydration.


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